Treatment programs

Treatment programs "Living with Diabetes"

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases of our time, and at the same time it is insidious. Very often people do not know that they live with high blood sugar, but they almost do not pay attention to uncontrolled thirst. Nevertheless, diabetes affects all systems of the body, its consequences are diverse and progress in time. First of all, "is diabetes" is your vessels, vision, and kidneys. Fortunately, the human body has considerable resources to restore and maintain the necessary balance of vital functions. The organism needs a set of measures to improve the functions of all organs.

The doctors of the "Svityaz" health-improving center developed a complex program "Life with Diabetes", which is designed for 12 days. The program provides for the passage of laboratory studies, the reception of the curative source of Naftusya, a set of physiotherapeutic procedures, taking dry carbonic baths, medical massages, hydromassage of pelvic organs and lower limbs with horse chestnut extract,


  1. Reducing the level of sugar and cholesterol in the blood
  2. Restoration of the elasticity of blood vessels
  3. Enhancement of the urinary system
  4. Enhancement of the pancreas
  5. Stabilization of arterial pressure in hypertensive patients

The cost of the program "Life with diabetes" - 12 660 uah 

See what's included in the program "Life with Diabetes"

Additional cost of food:
full board buffet – 6 480 uah 




Detox is not just a cleansing of the body of waste products, it is a whole range of medical and recreational procedures aimed at cleaning and restoring all organs of the body. Moderate rhythm of life in the resort town of Truskavets, as well as the calm atmosphere in the hotel "Svityaz" also contribute to the "detoxification" of the body, because it is proved that good health first arises in our minds.

It is worth paying special attention to the fact that detox is not just a diet - it's a full-fledged treatment, and that's why it's very dangerous to hold it alone. Detox programs from the resort and hotel complex "Svityaz" include complex organ examinations, biochemical blood tests, various physiotherapeutic and balneological procedures. During the detox program, frequent visits to saunas and steam rooms are recommended, great attention is paid to massage and a variety of body wraps and masks. And of course, the whole time of the health program the patients are under the supervision of the doctors of the resort and hotel complex "Svityaz".


  1. body cleansing
  2. recuperation
  3. raising immunity
  4. elimination of the syndrome of "constant fatigue"

In the resort hotel complex "Svityaz" developed two types of detox programs - for 6 days and 12 days. Each of them will help to feel a rush of vivacity and will give strength.

The cost of the program for 6 days –  9 560 uah 

See what's included in the program "Detox 6 days"

Additional cost of food:
full board buffet – 3 240 uah 

The cost of the program for 12 days -  16 870 uah 

See what's included in the program "Detox 12 days"


Additional cost of food:
full board buffet6 480 uah