SPA center in Truskavets

Truskavets is considered to be one of the best health resorts in Ukraine. Therapeutic procedures are really great, but sometimes you just want to relax and unwind. And our SPA center can help you also with this, in the complex of the resort and hotel type "Svityaz".

The beneficial properties of the medicinal waters of Truskavets are known throughout Ukraine and beyond. People come here with a variety of health problems, as well as simply to improve the general condition of the body. In "Svityaz" you can get the most out of your vacation, because in addition to the hotel and SPA center, we have a health complex, a restaurant and a cozy park.


For a comfortable and enjoyable stay we provide our visitors with a luxurious indoor pool with a waterfall (10x5 meters) and a relaxing jacuzzi for 6 people.As for the list of additional procedures, in Truskavets our SPA hotel is considered one of the leaders in this regard:

  • Bath complex. In winter, as well as during transitional periods, the body becomes vulnerable to viruses. The weather is mostly overcast, the sun sets early, which (as scientists have already proven) has a negative effect on a person's mood. A visit to the bath will help relieve fatigue, stress, restore strength and just have a good time;
  • Finnish sauna. The fcus of our SPA in Truskavets is not only the rest, but also at improving the health of our visitors. The essence of this procedure is to create conditions with high temperature and low humidity. It helps to warm up the body, calm the nervous system and lose weight;
  • Roman steam room. Unlike classic steam rooms, the temperature in the room is relatively low (about 45 degrees). At the same time, the level of humidity is significant, which contributes to the cleansing and general improvement of the body; The specialists of our SPA center in Truskavets will help you choose the best set of procedures, taking into account your wishes and current state of health.
  • Machine cosmetology. Wrapping and anti-cellulite program;
  • A wide range of massages. Classical, honey, vacuum, as well as massage with bamboo sticks.

In addition to the relaxing in the SPA pool or sauna, you can improve your health through exercise in the fitness room. We have all the most popular simulators (exercise bike, treadmill, orbit track and much more) for this.

Doctors of the health center "Svityaz" will make for you the best list of water and physiotherapy treatents. Including desirable procedures in the SPA.


Svityaz resort complex invites you to visit our SPA center. Here you can plunge into the world of bliss and delight, which will help you relax and forget about your daily routine.


  • Indoor pool with waterfall (10х5 m) 
  • Jacuzzi hot tub for 6 persons
Sauna complex:

In winter, when a human body is attacked by a great number of dangerous viruses and a short light day affects our general well-being, saunas and steam rooms can be of much help in improving the immune system and overcoming stress.

  • A Finnish sauna warms up the body with high temperature and low humidity, having a positive effect on the nervous system and promoting weight loss.
  • A Roman bath due to a low temperature of just about 45º and high humidity promotes cleansing and recovery of a human body.
  • Shower-bucket
  • Professional body cosmetology, wrapping
  • Massage options
  • Fitness Room

Our experts will carefully select proper procedures to meet your unique needs. And every cell of your body will resound with health and beauty.