Health complex «Svityaz» in Truskavets

The resort hotel complex «Svityaz» is famous for its own health and wellness center, which provides guests with a wide range of medical services: from diagnosis of diseases to their treatment.

The medical and health center in our hotel is a powerful medical base: qualified doctors and modern diagnostic equipment.
This is where you can get advice from our medical staff, which consists of gynecologist, endocrinologist, cardiologist, therapist neuropathologist, urologist and physiotherapist.

They will monitor your health and treat treatments that will suit you and contribute to improving your health.


 curative water procedures:
  • aromatherapy pearl bath
  • pearl bath with Dead Sea Minerals
  • radon baths
  • pearl bath with bischofite
  • underwater shower massage

Physiotherapeutic Procedures::
  • galvanization
  • electrophoresis
  • diadynamic therapy
  • amplipulse therapy
  • lasertherapy
  • magnetic therapy
  • ultrasound therapy
  • press massage
  • ultraphonophoresis
We are available ozocerite and paraffin, used for the treatment of subacute and chronic inflammatory diseases and injuries of the peripheral nervous system, the effects of diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system, ligaments, muscles, venous ulcers, burns and wounds v'yalozazhyvayuchyh, chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, chronic inflammatory diseases of the female genitalia.
Salt cave in which you will feel real relief for respiratory diseases, allergies and skin diseases.