Wellness packages prices



What could be better than having a rest? Only rest is beneficial for your health.

At the medical center of our complex you can visit well-designed and well-formed well-qualified health care professionals.

So, the complex of health-improving procedures of the package "Resort" will improve your health, help the body to gain strength and work more coherently. You will feel a complete renewal of the body and bring yourself to normal after illness or general fatigue.

Procedures will be prescribed by a doctor who will monitor your body during this period. In either case, you will visit three procedures daily: water or thermal, physiotherapy and try the oxygen foam. according to the number of paid days of treatment.

We can promise you that if you pass the entire course of the "Resort" package, then your well-being will improve significantly, you will gain new strength and rest on all 100%.

The cost of the spa package "Resort" is 460 UAH per person a day.

The cost of paid services for the package is not refundable.

This price does not include the cost of meals and accommodation.