Pearl baths

The best pearl bath with aromatherapy in Truskavets - only in the resort-hotel complex "Svityaz"

The pearl bath is a bath with bubbling in the water bubbles of air with the addition of essential oils of plants (perozones) to it. The air stomata that settle on the skin, then evaporate from its surface, which causes irritation of the peripheral receptors of the skin and a peculiar tactile massage of the skin, Reduction in pain sensitivity of the skin.
All essential oils used are bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties, strengthen the protective forces of the body.

This procedure is suitable for those who suffer from diseases: nervastyeniya, psychoasthenia, initial manifestations of cardiac arteriosclerosis, chronic diseases of the internal organs, joint disease.

We invite you to try this unique procedure and feel its effect on your body!


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