Only in the resort-hotel complex "Svityaz" you can go through such a unique procedure as - Gas Injections.
Gas injections - is a dosage of intra-skin or hypodermic carbon dioxide (CO2) for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.

The basis of gas injections is the effect of Bora, which is the ability of carbon directly affect the concentration of oxygen in the blood.When CO2 enters the skin, there is an artificial hunger, an increase in the so-called "oxygen starvation.". At the same time, the body reacts to this "fasting", starting to work in the high-speed mode: blood and lymph circulation are intensified at the site of injection and accelerated metabolic processes.


  •   removal of pain syndromes
  •   degenerative diseases of the joints (osteochondrosis, arthritis, arthrosis)
  •   treatment of vascular diseases of the legs
  •   reduction of lymphatic and venous edema
  •   reduction of headaches, migraines
  •   stimulating hair growth in baldness
  •   improving quality and regulation of sleep duration


The procedure is extremely effective and very popular with our guests, so we invite you to try and feel the effective effect of this procedure.

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