Truskavets mineral water


Hydro carbonate, magnesium-calcium, low mineralized, with a high content of organic matter, «Naftusia» has a pleasant characteristic flavor and easy measure of oil. It improves the processes of urodynamics in the body, promotes spontaneous removal of crystal sand and small stones, reduces and prevents sedimentation of pathological salt crystals, prevents stone formation increases the activity of certain functions of the endocrine glands, removes radionuclides from the body, toxins. It improves liver function and restores the immune system.

«Maria», «Sofia»

Widely used in concomitant diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Mineral water «Maria» and «Sofia» help restore the functional and the organic status of the organs and systems that are often damaged during the flow of the underlying disease.


Mineral water springs № 3 «Bronislava» is used for gargling and nasal in the treatment of upper respiratory tract.


Mineral water «Yuzya» substance-containing glycerol origin, has beneficial effects on the skin, giving it a special elasticity.

For external use other sources of water are used as baths, irrigation, washing, massage and inhalation. In addition to the mineral emerald carbonic baths used, acting particularly effective in concomitant cardiovascular system, diabetes and metabolic disorders. Swimming pool with mineral water and sauna visited by everyone who restores the function of joints and muscles.